BAPA Dinner + Meeting

Message from BAPA President Kevin Johnson

Please find 3 attachments.

The first attachment is a flyer for our annual meeting which will be held at Kleiner Park on Thursday September 21. We plan to start eating at 6 PM. BAPA will be providing a main dish this year. Whether you will need to bring a side dish, salad or dessert will be determined alphabetically. Details are on the flyer.


In addition to the food and fellowship we have three items of business that we will be addressing on Thursday.

The first item of business will be the election of officers for the coming year.

The second item of business will be a review of the budget for next year. Our bylaws state that a budget shall be prepared and presented at the annual meeting by the board of directors. The board has approved the attached budget for the coming year.

The final item of business will be discussion of play at Homecourt during the coming indoor season. Over the course of the summer a survey of the membership was conducted. A committee of volunteers used the information in this survey, their person experiences playing at Homecourt plus a dash of common sense to develop guidelines to improve the playing experience at Homecourt in the coming year. The plan has been reviewed and improved by the YMCA (Scott Swanson) and City of Meridian (Garrett White). The plan will be presented with discussion and questions to follow.

We are not planning to make copies of these attachments for the picnic. If you would like a hard copy for reference at the meeting please be sure to print a copy for your use on Thursday.

Thanks for a great two years and hope to see you all on Thursday!

Kevin Johnson
Soon to be Ex President BAPA

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Event Flyer

Homecourt Play Schedule

BAPA Budget