Bravin’ it with Bryan

From KBOI-2: Bravin’ it with Bryan (Levin as he tries Pickleball…)

Have you ever seen people on tennis courts playing what looks like mini tennis?

That’s pickleball.

The sport is growing and the city of Boise hopes to grow with it.

Right now there are no dedicated pickleball courts in the state of Idaho. Players usually tape lines on tennis courts.

“It’s just taken the country and the world by craziness,” said USA Pickleball Association regional director John Sweeting.

Sweeting estimates that four million people in the United States are playing the game.

The Boise Parks & Recreation department and other pickleball groups are working to raise $100,000 by Nov. 1. That would enable them to build 12 dedicated pickleball courts at Hobble Creek Park (6050 N. Park Meadow Way, Boise).

And if you are wondering why it is called pickleball, it’s because one of the co-founders of the game had a family dog named Pickles.

People who have questions about the donations can email