Think “Give Me the Ball!”

From the Pickleball Channel

Think Give Me the Ball!
Pickleball Quick Tip with Jennifer Lucore

Seventeen time national champion, Jennifer Lucore, shares her Pickleball Quick Tip that is simple but brilliant!

How can you be ready for the ball when you’re waiting at the kitchen line?

Watch and listen as this pickleball pro gives all of us some practical advice for being prepared to hit that winning shot! You’ll be amazed what this simple trick can do for your game.

It can make you more aware, engaged and focused, and ultimately, it can set you up for hitting the next winner.

What is this quick and easy tip? Watch the video to find out!

The Top Three Reasons You Should Slow Your Game Down

From the Pickleball Channel

Which strategy is overlooked by many pickleball players?

Find out by watching this Pickleball Quick Tip as National Champion and top pickleball instructor, Marcin Rozpedski, gives 3 benefits to slowing down your game.

The benefits of the slow game are tangible and can make a difference in your level of play.

Hear from Marcin as he gives some wise advice along with great visual examples of the slow game in action.

3 Ways to Disguise Your Attack and Win the Point – Pickleball 411

From the Pickleball Channel

Stop telling your opponents what you’re going to do next! The visual cues your body makes can prepare your opponents for your next shot, making it easier for them to return the ball.

In this episode of Pickleball 411, hear from pickleball pro Morgan Evans as he teaches you 3 different ways to disguise your visual cues, catch your opponent off guard, and win the point!