Come Watch the Fun!

From BAPA President Lisa Griffin


Just a reminder about this weekend’s tournament:

We’ll be playing pickleball at Homecourt from 8:30am until medals are awarded. Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles are on Saturday. Mixed Doubles are on Sunday.

If you are interested in watching the medal rounds, here is an estimation of when you can catch them:

Men’s 3.5: ~1:00 pm on Saturday
Women’s 3.0&2.5: ~3:00 pm on Saturday
Mixed 3.0: ~12:00 noon on Sunday
Mixed 3.5: ~12:00 noon on Sunday
Mixed 4.0&4.5: ~2:30 pm on Sunday

The other events are straight round robin, where medals are determined at the end of play. So you’ll just have to come and watch the whole thing.

We’ll also be taking pledges for purchasing bricks to support the construction of the Hobble Creek Pickleball Complex. If you want to see your name in ‘lights’ – this is a great way…and you will be supporting pickleball too.

Happy pickling,
Lisa Griffin, BAPA President


2018Submitted by Sill Lyra

Hi, fellow athletes!

We are at in February 2018–wow! Time flies!

Well, it is time to choose the tournaments to participate in this year. By choosing the events now, we can set our calendar of training and preparation, the budget for the trips with reservations, etc, and, most importantly, our partners for each competition.

In any sport the ideal is to have space between training and competitions. During the training we practice skills and plays. Then the event. After that, the assessment on what to work on next. This suggestion can give the athlete the opportunity to fix current mistakes and be ready for the next competition. Those mistakes could be personal errors or lack of coordination with your partner.

Now considering the subject above, of course we have to place at the table the location of the event, because distance, cost and coordination with other life responsibilities are necessary to consider. In my opinion, another important point is the level of competition. It is an event arranged by age or by skills? What will the format be? All of these facts are important to see if that event will fulfill the aspirations of the athlete or not.

Then we have the partner issue. You see, it is important to have the maximum possible leverage on the moment to choose your partner. The skills and personalities of each individual must align. I think that is harder to find a good pickleball partner than a partner for marriage! Well, in that department Iím already in my forth in 66 years. But that is another storyÖ

So, play some games together and feel the balance between you before make an invitation to compete together.

If you can access the Pickleball Magazine from July/August 2017, you will find a wonderful article from BY ALEX HAMNER & JENNIFER LUCORE about points to consider when choosing your partner. Important details like: Personality; Chemistry; Lefty/Righty; Poaching; How will you and your partner deal with poaching?; What if you both like to poach?; Play Style; Do you want a partner who will take every opportunity to smash the ball, or do you want his/her game to be more dink-oriented?; And  of course–Who is available?!

All these topics are important for your choice of events to participate in.

Last year, I participated in 5 events: two in Meridian, one in Kuna, one in Bend, Oregon and the other in Brigham City, Utah. From that first event till now, I can feel my improvement. I improved from a 3.0 ranking in those competitions to my last event in Kuna, where my partner Sarah Hart and I conquered the gold. From now on, I will participate at the 3.5 level, starting this month in Meridian. This year will be a new frontier for me. I can’t wait for this great challenge!

So, below I will share with you my program of events for 2018.

This way, I hope I can see you guys also participating and creating a bigger Boise presence in regional events.

As I said before and have repeated over and over–participation in competitions is the best way to improve your game and challenge yourself.
Can you imagine this coming indoors event in Meridian, with 107 participants? How many different players we will face, with all different styles and strategies, to show us our reality, and from that, what is necessary to elevate our game?

Let’s participate, learn, play better, have fun and help to make Meridian the Mecca of Pickleball in the North West Region!

Paddles up and if you decided to participate in any event, please go to to learn more about each event and sign up.  Sometimes, we have a trip to a city in a different state. So, just check that region if they are having a competition and sign up if it is suitable with your travel plans…have a trip to a city in different state. So, just check that region if they are having a competition and sign up if is suitable with your travel plans…

Best regards,


Heart of the Treasure Valley Pickleball Tournament 2018
Meridian Homecourt, Meridian, ID, United States
Sat 02/17/18 thru Sun 02/18/18
Registration Starts: 12/12/17 12:00am
Early Registration Deadline: 01/19/18
Final Deadline: Wed 02/07/18
Participation: Mix doubles with Sarah. DONE
Men doubles  ?

This event, as of today, has 107 signed athletes from Boise, Meridian, California, Sun Valley, Wood River, Caldwell, Nampa, Twin Falls, Ketchum, Salmon Valley, Eagle, Bellevue, Hailey and Kuna. THE FINAL DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS FEBRUARY 7th.

Twin Falls Father’s Day Bash

Frontier Field, Twin Falls, ID, United States
Thu 06/14/18 thru Sat 06/16/18
Registration Starts: 02/01/18 12:00am
Early Registration Deadline: 05/01/18
Final Deadline: Tue 06/12/18
Participation: Mix Doubles: Saturday 16th: Sarah. DONE!
Men doubles: Friday 15th – ?

Boise Awesome Pickleball Adventure 2018 and Open

Settlers Park, Meridian, ID, United States
Fri 05/25/18 thru Mon 05/28/18
Registration Starts: 03/01/18 12:00am
Early Registration Deadline: 04/27/18
Final Deadline: Wed 05/16/18
Participation: Mix Doubles: Friday 25th Sunday 27th with Sarah (confirmed)
Men Doubles: Saturday 28th Monday 28th with Mark Olmstead (to be confirmed)


Pickleball Zone Bend
USAPA Pacific Northwest Regional Tournament

Pine Nursery Park, Bend, OR, United States
Fri 08/10/18 thru Sun 08/12/18
Registration Starts: 04/06/18 8:00am
Final Deadline: Wed 08/01/18
Note: Restricted to players already registered or as partners
Friday 10th: Men Doubles – ?
Saturday 11th: Mix Doubles – ?
Sunday 12th: Singles. YES.


2018 Inland Northwest Spring Pickleball Classic (Hosted by Tyson McGuffin)

Peak Hayden Tennis Center, Hayden, ID, United States
Sat 03/10/18 thru Sun 03/11/18
Registration Starts: 01/02/18 12:00am
Final Deadline: Mon 03/05/18
Participation: Saturday 10th: Singles. YES.
Tournament of Champions 2018
Brigham City Pickleball Courts Pioneer Park, Brigham City, UT, United States
Fri 08/24/18 thru Sun 08/26/18
Registration Starts: 12/31/17 11:00pm
Final Deadline: Mon 08/20/18†
DONE: Friday 24th: Mix Doubles: Partner: Sarah.
Saturday 25th: Men Doubles: ?


Thanksgiving Pickleball Tournament

From Lisa Griffin, BAPA President

thanksYMCA is hosting a pickleball tournament to give THANKS for this wonderful sport. The tournament is being organized and run by the volunteers of the Boise Area Pickleball Association.

2.5 & 3.0 players in separate round robins – play Tuesday, November 14

3.5 & 4.0+ players in separate round robings – play Thursday, November 16

Cost: $5 drop-in fee or $0 for YMCA members & YMCA pickleball members

IFBWe also ask you to bring in a donation for the Idaho Food Bank in the form of a Check or non-perishable food item(s), since this is the season to give thanks, and share with those who are less fortunate.

And lastly, bring any energy snacks, nibbles or goodies you’d like to share with your competitors. Mike Dougherty: can you say “brownies”?

Tournament Format:

We will play five preliminary Round Robin matches (randomly assigned) which will determine pairings and seedings for final, Single-Elimination bracket play. Round Robin matches will be played for 10 minutes, or until one team achieves 15 pts – whichever occurs first. Each player’s scores are compiled for these five preliminary rounds, and the highest percentage scoring players will move on to Single-Elimination bracket play.

You do not need a partner to register; after the Round Robin portion, we will assign a partner, whom you will play with for the rest of the tournament.

On-site registration only. Registration opens at 8 am and closes promptly at 8:25 am. Play will begin shortly thereafter. Medals should be awarded by 1:00 pm or so.

If you have never played in a tournament before, you can’t beat the price. And this is a fun and no-pressure way to start…. Well, maybe read up on the rules covering Kitchen Faults (pg. 31, section 9 in the IFP rulebook And just remember to ask your referee, if you don’t know whose serve it is or from what position to serve. 🙂

Which reminds me, we will be looking for referees for the medal matches…so please help, if you can.

What is your skill level?

From BAPA President Lisa Griffin:

This Wednesday, November 1, we will have two USAPA-rated 3.0 players available to play against you and a partner.

Sill Lyra and Sarah Hart will be on Court 9, ready to take on all comers.

The following Wednesday, November 8, we hope to have two USAPA-rated 4.0 players. And the week after that is the 3.5 test date.

Plan your schedule now.

Happy pickling,
Lisa Griffin

BAPA President

Battle of the Sexes – Pickleball Style!

From Nick Leach:

BoSMost of us seasoned pickleball players remember the Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs tennis “Battle of the Sexes” in 1973 but some didn’t get a chance to watch.

Well, now you have a chance to watch Pickleball’s own version of the “Battle of the Sexes”.

On October 7th at 3:00 pm MST pickleball legends Simone Jardim and Scott Moore battle it out for a great fundraising event and then the two will take on another great pickleball duo, Steve Dawson and Corrine Carr in another epic match up. You can stream live the event from your computer, with your login and password. Don’t miss it!

To get all the details and info, copy and paste the address below into you search address box:

This is going to be GREAT!!