From Lisa Griffin, BAPA Vice President:

JDIAs promised, more information:

The Dink-a-thon will be held Wednesday, January 25, hosted by YMCA  Homecourt in partnership with BAPA.

Find a partner and register as a team; or register as an individual and we w ill randomly pair you with another player in your skill group.

On-site registration only. Registration opens at 8am on Wed, Jan 25. There is no cost to participate, beyond YMCA pickleball membership or YMCA drop-in fee.

Time and court space are limited, so First Registered, First Served.

The Dink-a-thon will begin as soon as we have our first registrations.

Play-off competition begins at 11am, so if you can not stay for playoffs let us know when you register.

One caveat: I have no idea how well this is going to work, so be patient with us.

The Dink-a-thon should not interfere with open play. It should take a team 10 minutes or so to participate in the Dink-a-thon…until play-off competition.

Finally, The Dink-a-thon is the kick-off of a new program called Wacky Wednesdays. Continuing through the month of February, we will be hosting a variety of short, “wacky” competitions on Wednesdays. We hope you enjoy them and can join the fun.

Happy pickling,
Lisa Griffin
BAPA Vice President