Hobble Creek — Donation Challenge

October 4, 2016

Pickleball Players,

The Hobble Creek Fund Raising Committee approved the following letter written by Barbara J. Dumler. We appreciate her passion for pickleball as well as her support of the proposed Hobble Creek Pickleball Complex.

Nanci Quast-Bent
Chairman of the Hobble Creek Fund Raising Committee


Pickleball Member:

Our deadline is 3 weeks away and the word our is defined as those of us who play Pickleball. There are approximately 500 Pickleball enthusiasts. If we are going to even come close to our target all of us need to stand up and pay our own way.

This is my solicitation for every member to make a minimum donation of $100 to $500 dollars.

I will kick it off with my own $500.00 check.

Are we going to get Pickleball courts or not in 2017?

Membership has its responsibility!

Barbara J. Dumler