Keeping Track to Get Better

By Sill Lyra

ladder-2I recently competed in a a round robin event with a group of other players.

While it wasn’t a competition and our scores were not recorded, I learned a lot from my experience.

I think it is important for athletes who want to get better to monitor their play.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Every athlete who wants to grow in any sport needs a diary. All Olympians have one.
  2. Every day that they play, they should record all the scores of the games in which he or she participates. Then add the total points that they will have if they won all those games. Then, with simple math, compute the points that he or she had in reality, in comparison with the total possible overall. This percentage will show how he or she is progressing.
  3. I learned that your team is as strong or as weak as your partner. So, if you have a weak partner, that is the time to be humble and help that person. Remember that you also were once a beginner in the sport. This is an opportunity to fine tune your strokes, as the results will not be the best expected. If your partner is better than you, again, be humble and try to learn from him or her. Another great opportunity.
  4. Remember that you are the only person responsible for your growth in the sport.

Here are my scores over some recent days:
– 09.28 = 90%
– 09.29 = 86%
– 10.12 = 93%
– 10.24 = 76%.

I started in the BAPA Competitive Ladder League today. Now I have even more scores to track!

So, let’s play our games and smile to life.

My best regards…

Sill Lyra