More Dink-a-thon Info…

What is a DINK-A-THON, you ask?

It’s an event where you and a partner try to make each other look really good at dinking…and maximize the number of times you consecutively dink the ball over the net in 2 minutes, without going out of bounds.

gmdaStart practicing your:
– forehand dinks down the line
– back hand dinks down the line
– cross court forehand dinks- cross court back hand dinks

The top 4 teams in each skill level advance to their playoffs.

Playoff competition:

The Dink Game – No Lob. Start with a dink serve which must land inside the No Volley Zone. The ball must be DINKED over the net and bounce in the No Volley Zone at least 4 times before a player can win the point with a kill shot or a fantastic dink. No lobs. Regular scoring; only serving team accumulates points. Play to 11.

If time permits, the winners of each skill level playoff will play each other for the ultimate title of DINK CHAMPIONS!

Skill levels:
Novice/Tier 1 Intermediate
Tier 1/Tier 2 Intermediate

Happy pickling,
Lisa Griffin
BAPA Vice President