Just a friendly reminder, pickleball players:

When you have finished playing, be sure to crank the tennis net back up to 36″. 

keep-calm-and-crank-it-upHere’s why it is so important:

  • We are so very lucky to have access to FREE places to play outdoor pickleball.
  • There are now over 30 courts in the Boise and Meridian area, and we can play on those courts any time that tennis events are not going on.
  • BUT, and it is a big BUT, there are multiple tennis leagues that PAY $$$$ to have access to the courts at specific times and part of their pay ensures that the courts will be ready for their tennis play. 

Let’s do all we can to keep the dual-purpose courts lined with both pickleball and tennis lines by preparing the nets for the tennis league paying participants.

Thank you! 🙂