Scott Moore Pickleball Clinic

ScottMooreOn August 14 you will have an opportunity to attend a clinic put on by one of the premier pickleball players in the country.  Some of you had the opportunity to meet his son David a couple of years when he came as a company rep for Paddletek.

These clinics are being put on in concert with the Boise Pickleball Club.  The really cool thing is that if we are able to fill the two clinics he will be donating 1/3 of the proceeds to the Hobblecreek fund.  This will be a great opportunity to improve your game and help move the Hobblecreek project at the same time.
Scott will be putting on a clinic for the 3.5 players and a separate one for the 4.0 and above players.  Each clinic is limited to 12 participants to make sure that everyone has a lot of one on one attention during the clinic. BTW there are 11 or fewer slots left for the 3.5 session as I signed up this evening.