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From Lisa Griffin:

The Referee Clinic is a hands-on clinic where you will learn all of the methods of refereeing a game properly.

PRIn order to attend the Referee Clinic and become a pickleball referee, a person must put in some preliminary effort. It is of utmost importance for a referee to know the rules….forward and backward….and be able to make correct decisions within a split second during a game.  Consequently, your first responsibility is to read, study and know the International Federation of Pickleball Rulebook.

When you are comfortable with all of the rules as outlined in the IFP Rulebook, you should then take the ‘Player Rules Quiz’ at .  A Passing Score of 80% or higher must be attained before attending the Referee Clinic.

When you have met these requirements, forward a copy of your test results to Linda Mitchell at , showing your passing score. We will then schedule you in the next Referee Clinic.

The rules will not be discussed at the Referee Clinic, so if you have any questions about the rules let’s get them answered beforehand. Feel free to contact me or Linda Mitchell at any time with your questions.

Happy pickling,