Teaching Pickleball to PE Teachers

From Nanci Bent:

PickleballAt the Shape Idaho Conference held October 7 , 2016 five members of the Boise Area Pickleball Association presented a Pickleball clinic to Idaho Physical Education Teachers. The goal of the BAPA representatives is to encourage the Idaho State School Board to include Pickleball in junior high and high school PE curriculum. Pickleball does fit nicely in the adapted State Standards.

PickleballThe BAPA members included Cris and Nanci Bent, Jim McMillan, Scott Michaelson and John Sweeting, North West Regional Pickleball Director. In addition Brenda Reay, a PE/Health teacher from Homedale Middle School and Kyler Saunders, a student and Pickleball player from North Junior High also assisted in the presentation. The clinic was well received by the teachers in attendance. All attendees who wanted to were involves in skills and drills instruction, a brief game and provided a number of handouts that will help them deliver Pickleball instruction to their students. Several teachers asked that a similar clinic be presented to their students. In addition some BAPA members have committed to presenting a clinic for Homedale Middle School teachers early in November.

PickleballPromoting the sport of Pickleball among schools and teachers is important to growing the sport and the development of facilities for current and future Pickleball players.