Thoughts…Analysis…Action…A Call for the Pickleball Community to Wake Up to Reality! (Part 2)

By Sill Lyra.

I would like to thank all fellow athletes that came to me to compliment my original article. One of them placed his arms around my neck and told me, “I read your article two times, then put it away. Then the next day, I read it again, trying to find something wrong with it. Nothing…I couldn’t find anything wrong and I would like to congratulate you. You are my hero! Someone needed to do something to find out how things were going.” Well, by that time, I thought that he would kiss me– nothing wrong with that, as
the Russians and Eastern Europeans do this all the time– but I’m glad that he didn’t arrive at that extreme. Thank you very much guys. There are no heroes here, just a fellow player showing his views about the reality and the actual needs of the sport in our day. A healthy, open discussion.

It is wonderful that Boise Parks and Recreation sent all the information about the project. I wouldn’t expect less from this great organization.

Now we have an official announcement about how the project is going, with the real numbers and not the ones that were inaccurately given to me before the article (my apologies for that).

So…now that the reality is on the table…any thoughts?

If you have any comments or ideas, please email me at SILLINTERCOACH@YAHOO.COM.

I will be glad to see what this pickle ball community is thinking and wishing for the immediate or long-term future. We all are in the same boat. No worries about speaking to me, as I don’t reveal my sources unless the person wants me to do that.

Please tell me what do you think, your suggestions, as this is the best way to engage in the goal to place Idaho on the map of the National events.

Congratulations to Dick Johnson and Glenn Spivey for their medals at Nationals this year.

Dick Johnson with

 Silver: 75 3.5 Men’s Singles
 Silver: 75 4.5-4.0 Mixed Doubles
 Bronze: 75 5.0-4.5 Men’s Doubles

And Glenn Spivey with the gold in singles 50 4.5.

Can you guys imagine having a Nationals here in our State?

We live in a free country, and I believe that to express our opinions and present them on the table for discussion is not only a right, but an obligation as a citizen.

My very best regards to all…paddles up…and a wonderful THANKSGIVING!