Tournament Desk Instructions

There are four desks within the Tournament Administration Area, each with separate duties and responsibilities.



  1. Pull sheet from bottom of printer tray.
    1. If NEW score sheet, go to Step 2.
    2. If POSTING sheet, place in TO BE POSTED basket.
  2. Make sure cursor is in the SYSID field.
  3. Scan SYSID bar code to enter the SYSID into the field.
  4. Choose a Court # in one of two ways.
    1. Scan the Court # bar code on the back of the appropriate clip board.
    2. Click on the appropriate court number on the screen.
  5. Click on ENTER to enter the court number into the Court field. (This will populate the match information into the system.)
  6. Write the Court # on to the score sheet.
  7. Write a 1 or a 2 on the back of the score sheet and circle it.
  8. Double check all info on both the paper and the computer screen.
  9. Write your initial on the top right corner of the score sheet to indicate that you have double checked it for accuracy.
  10. Place the score sheet on the correct clipboard (matching the Court #).
  11. Hand the clipboard with the score sheet to the Referee Table.

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START a Match

  1. Hit REFRESH to update the system with any newly entered information.
  2. Choose a referee for the match.
  3. Click on TO MATCH.
  4. Write referee’s name on the score sheet.
  5. Move referee’s magnet from the AVAILABLE column to the appropriate COURT.
  6. Double check that you have completed all steps.
  7. Hand these items to the Referee: Clipboard, Stopwatch, Two Balls, Two Bracelets, Pencil, Clothespin.


  1. Referees return newly finished match score sheets to this desk along with balls, bracelets, stopwatch, clothespin, and pencils.
  2. Move the referee’s magnet from the COURT to the AVAILABLE column.
  3. Hand the score sheet, still on the clipboard, to the EVENT DESK.

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    1. Receive the completed game score sheet, still on the clipboard, from the REFEREE DESK.
    2. Identify winner and scores. All scores are entered in series from the viewpoint of the final winner. If Gold medal match and tie-breaker is played, all scores including the tie-breaker are entered from the viewpoint of the final tie-break winner.
    3. Scan the SYSID bar code into the system. 
    4. Click the WINNER radio button next to the appropriate team/player.  
    5. Click on the appropriate score numbers to enter in the scores. If you click on them in the correct sequential order, there is no need to enter in hyphens. You will just click on the numbers and the system automatically formats them. 
    6. Click on SAVE RESULTS to enter the result and scores.
    7. The system will automatically print a posting sheet and new score sheets for any new matches.
    8. Pass the court clipboard to Court Desk for assignment and place the completed match score sheet in the DONE basket. 
    9. Place any new score sheet in the appropriate basket. 
    10. Place the posting sheet in the TO BE POSTED basket.

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  1. Retrieve the posting sheet from the EVENT DESK completed basket. 
  2. Post the scores on the master board(s). 
  3. Place the results in the POSTED basket. 

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