Wacky Wednesday

Is anyone else tired of shoveling snow, battling ice dams and same old, same old pickleball routine?

WWOver a four week period we are introducing the concept of “Wacky Wednesdays”. Each Wednesday we will introduce a new game/activity in an effort to break up the winter tedium. There will be no cost to participate. Registration will be done the morning of the activity. The activities are being designed to minimize the impact on normal open play.

FEBRUARY 1 – Partner play led by Kevin Johnson. Nets 2, 5 and 8 will use partner play. Go in and play as partners. Work on those doubles communication skills! Court 2 advanced. Winners stay (don’t split). Play no more than 3 games. Court 5 intermediate go in, play 2 with partner and go out. Court 8 Novice same rules as court 5.

Note if 2 pair or more are waiting to play games will use rally scoring to 15.

Courts 1, 3,4,6,7 normal open play.

FEBRUARY 8 – “Jamaican Team Pickleball”. Kevin & Karen Johnson, Bill Kerr.
This is a game we learned on a recent Pickleball Getaway in Jamaica. All players from Novice through 5.0 are welcome and will have a blast. Will you have fun? Yah mon!!!!!!!

FEBRUARY 15 – Repeat of the favorite from the first three weeks.
Be sure and let us know which activity you liked the best!

Kevin Johnson, President BAPA