We are Going in the Right Direction–Sill Lyra

First of all congratulations to Dick Johnson and Tim Gleason for their success at the 2017 Nevada Senior Games. Well done! You are our inspiration!

So, at a very good time, I learned that BAPA is organizing some great events for all of us.

  • An in-house tournament following the BAPA format (round-robin preliminary rounds to establish seeding and pairings, followed by bracket play) – planned for November.
  • An indoor, regional, skill-based tournament – planned for February.
  • An outdoor, regional, skill-based tournament – planned for Memorial Day weekend.
  • 2018 Senior Games – an outdoor, age-based tournament – planned for August.

Considering my previous article Let’s Place Boise on the Map, if the two regional events, one in February and the other on the Memorial Day weekend, plus the Senior Games, could have the registration organization done by pickleballtournaments.com, then we will have our Boise on the national map! If the announcement of these events could be posted now, with the limit of registered players, and the date to open the registration, considering our max capacity, we will be definitively moving in the right direction.

I know that pickleballtournaments.com charges a fee for each registered player, but the way they run their business is just amazing. They run basically 100% of the competitions in US and abroad. I don’t care to pay more for the registration for that events if they are part of that system, as I believe this is the best form to advertise our competitions.

Remember that for this year’s Nationals, on the date they opened registration, they had arrived at the limit of players half an hour after the opening time (if I’m not mistaken, around 1,700 athletes)!

So, let’s use these guys. It will be one more step to place Boise on the National map of events.

As I said in the beginning, the news about these events came on the right time, at least for me.

I had been very frustrated. Sometime last week, I decided to promote the sport of pickleball in some way, trying to put into action what I’ve been saying in these series of articles. So I asked Kathy Getto for the binder that she offered to us, showing how to organize a round robin event, and she sent it to me in few minutes. Great! Thanks Kathy.

At that time, I didn’t know about the BAPA plans, so I consulted with Boise Parks and Recreation to know what would be necessary for me to organize events at Fort Boise. I was told that I would have to pay an hourly rental fee for the gym, which was fair, but also that I would need to have a personal liability policy of $1,000,000.00 (one million dollars!) to rent the place for that event. I was asked if was for personal profit and I answered that after the expenses were paid from the registration fees, the leftover money would go to Hobble Creek project. Even so, the personal liability issue stands, even if the event was raising money for new courts. That was an official requirement from the organization, even considering the normal signing of waivers that happens for all kinds of events.

I have to say that my frustration disappeared as I learned about BAPA’s initiative for their four events.

We are going in the right direction!

However, a question came to my mind. I know that we are placing our hearts on raising half of the necessary amount of money to built Hobble Creek. Hobble Creek will be run by Boise Parks and Recreation. So, will their requirements to use the facilities will be the same as for the Fort Boise gym? Do the clubs have the necessary liability insurance policy?

I think we need to have this answered and defined, not only verbally but on paper, before expending any more time on this project.

By this time, I can say thanks to God for Home Court and Settlers Park. Meridian indeed has a very good vision for progress.

So, let’s unite and make these coming events the best ever. The organizers can count on me to help!

My best regards to all…Sill