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How to Cancel an Event Registration for a Participant

Participants are allowed to cancel their own registration on the BAPA Website up until one day before the event. 

If they tell you that they are cancelling, you can cancel their registration within your event page. 

Follow STEPS 1-10 on the How to Contact Your Event Registrants via Email page to display your event registrants.  

11. Click on the player you want to cancel the registration open their registration. 

12. Click on Cancel Registration which brings up a new text box to enter in a short reason why the player is cancelling. Click Cancel registration to complete the cancellation process

13. The next box shows that the registration has been cancelled. If you want to restore the registration, click on the Restore button. 

14. Click on the Public View button in the upper right corner to exit out of the administrative area of WildAricot and return to the public view of the Website. 

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