Welcome to pickleball in the Treasure Valley

Are you new to pickleball? Want to learn more about this oh-so-fun sport?

Here are a few ways to dive into pickleball!

First, join Boise Area Pickleball Association!

For only $25, you get onto our email list and learn about all the fun events we offer.

There are also other pickleball clubs in the Treasure Valley: 2C Pickleball Club and Boise Pickleball Club. Be sure to check them out, too. 

Second, find out about our events. 

We offer events throughout the year to help players learn more about pickleball and to compete with others in the same skill level.

You can see a list of current events by visiting our Events page.

Third, show up at various pickleball courts and just introduce yourself. Mornings are best. 

The best places to show up for beginning players for outdoor play are Settlers Park in Meridian or Manitou Park in Boise. 

At Settlers and Manitou, there are usually players there in the mornings starting by 9:00 a.m. Someone will have an extra paddle for you to use. Just let others know that you are brand new, and someone will work with you.  

For indoor play, a good option is Meridian HomeCourt. Other facilities offer indoor play for a fee as well.

There are many places to play pickleball in the Treasure Valley. 

View more information on where to play both indoor and outdoor on our Places to Play page. 

View a map with locations to play.

Fourth, sign up for a free account at PlayTime Scheduler.

On their website, you can see where others are playing and you can even sign up to join others at an event.

Click here to learn more about PlayTime Scheduler on our Website. 

Once you create your own account and choose Boise as your place to play, you will see a listing of current events in our area. 

Fifth, join a Facebook group that covers pickleball events in the Boise/Meridian and other areas.

If you are a Facebook user, you can ask to join these groups or others to connect with others and line up pickleball play dates. 

Sixth, sign up for pickleball classes offered by local Parks and Recreation departments. 

The Meridian classes are offered at HomeCourt. Go to, click on Register for a Class, click on Adult/Senior Activities and search for pickleball.

For Boise, go to their Activities, Classes and Sports page and follow the links to the seasonal guide. Open it and search for pickleball. 

For Eagle, go to and search for pickleball.

The following link has a bit of history on the game and some of the basics you'll need to know!

A Kid's and Beginner's Guide to Playing Pickleball: Equipment, Rules, and More | Playground Equipment

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